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Examples of our approach to user interfaces
Click the thumbnail pictures below to view some examples of our approach to report utility user-interfaces.  We can present a comprehensive and complex set of choices for more report-savvy personnel, or a simpler, 'point and click' interface for less knowledgeable users, or even no interface at all if the reports should run automatically, without user input.

This is an example of a configuration settings form.  This is relatively complex form with lots of choices. It's part of an automated utility that always runs, and if certain user-defined events trigger actions, then the utility springs into action and can print alerts, and send pages, emails, and faxes.  It also has built event and error logging to facilitate remote maintenance.
ont_link.jpg (61111 bytes) This is a simple linking form that enables the user to select whether to link to their live VisiCAD database, their data warehouse, or even an alternative data source (testing, development, training, etc.)
MAST_Import.jpg (25031 bytes) Some customers need or prefer to import their data to their local workstation for reporting purposes.  A form like this allows them to choose their data source and date range to import.
natcitpd.jpg (72157 bytes) Some customers prefer a combination form that allows them to link to a single source, select their reporting filters, and run their reports - all from the same form.
TRAA_frmEdit.jpg (26994 bytes) A simple, one-report utility like this one has fewer choices, and is easier to use if the existing VisiCAD reports meet most of a customer's needs.  This Edit Report utility allows the user to link to the VisiCAD tables, select the date range, and run the report.
ont_link_374.jpg (158611 bytes) Some customers prefer to have maximum user flexibility, and desire a report selection screen with multi-select list boxes and lots of choices like this one.  It actually only runs four reports so far, but has tons of options, and provides a great foundation for future development.

As reports are added for this customer, this interface will likely switch to using a tabbed format.

MAST_Main.jpg (52882 bytes) A form like this one provides almost as much flexibility (using wildcards for filtering most fields) as the previous form, but leaves more room for command buttons to run reports.
MAST_Fractile.jpg (70877 bytes) The form on the lower right of the image pops up over the other, while allowing the user to see the previously selected filters.  The option buttons allow the user to select a pre-defined set of filters for reporting (to minimize user-error), and the check boxes allow the user to select one or more of these type of reports to run at once with the same filters in place.
RAA_frmExcep.jpg (33459 bytes) This is an example of an add-on type of feature that combines VisiCAD and related, user-entered data into a separate process.  In this case, late run analysis and reporting.
about.jpg (36613 bytes) Our current standard 'About' box with contact and license information.


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