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Todd Stout

President & Chief Executive Officer


Todd Stout is a successful entrepreneur who started in public safety taking care of patients as an EMT and then as a paramedic in Kansas City. He worked his way up the ranks to hold senior positions in several major ambulance systems. His aptitude for technology helped him become a senior manager in a San Diego-based company specialized in the development of Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) systems for the public safety industry. In 1998 he began his own company, Stout Solutions, where he quickly earned national recognition for his work in creating database management solutions and custom reports for emergency dispatch centers around the world. Todd’s father, Jack Stout, is considered one of the most innovative and influential pioneers in the design of high-performance EMS systems.


Todd started his public safety career in 1980 at the Medevac-MidAmerica Ambulance Service in Kansas City, Missouri, serving as an EMT, driving instructor, paramedic, and flight medic. After five years there, Todd joined the Fourth Party, a respected international public-safety consulting group. While there, Todd consulted on emergency system design, improvement and training of high-performance EMS systems around the world. He also consulted with numerous state and local governments, aiding in the creation of EMS systems, vendor RFP’s, ambulance/paramedic vendor selections and general system improvements.


In 1988, after the successful design and implementation of a public state-of-the-art EMS system for Oklahoma City, Todd was recruited by the city to become the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Oklahoma Emergency Medical Service Authority (EMSA), Western Division, serving a population of more than 1 million residents in the greater Oklahoma City area. While he was with EMSA, Todd was responsible for an operating budget of $30 million.


Todd left EMSA in 1991 to join LifeFleet Ambulance in Irvine, California as Manager of Business Development. At the time, LifeFleet was the largest ambulance consolidator in the United States. During his tenure there, Todd directed analysis and acquisition of ambulance companies, negotiation of all ambulance/paramedic service contracts in excess of $1 million, and public sector proposal development for EMS services.


In 1994 Todd accepted the position of Director of VisiCAD Services at TriTech Software Systems, a San Diego-based software company specializing in the development of Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) systems for the public safety industry. While at TriTech, he was responsible for all phases of customer service including training, customer support and software updates.


In 1998, Todd started Stout Solutions, now recognized worldwide as a leading supplier of software and custom reports to the emergency dispatch community. Its clients include many of the leading police, fire and EMS communication centers in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.


In 1999, Stout Solutions developed a custom biosurveillance utility to monitor EMS calls for patterns that could indicate a potential bioterrorism attack, and automatically send alerts via email, pager and fax to public

officials for further investigation.  After the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the Anthrax letters, Stout Solutions developed that custom utility into a commercial, Internet-based product called FirstWatch(R), and

launched that product in September of 2002 in Richmond, Virginia and Kansas City, Missouri.


In 2003, following the successful introduction of FirstWatch as a product, Stout Solutions spun off a new company called FirstWatch Solutions, Inc. to focus on the FirstWatch product and it's many markets.  As of June 2005, FirstWatch is serving more than 35 communities across the United States, with contracts and installations in progress in Canada and the UK.  In addition to monitoring EMS call data, FirstWatch is monitoring data from Police & Fire departments, Hospital Emergency Departments and Poison Control Centers, for trends, geographic clusters, etc.  More information about FirstWatch is available at www.firstwatch.net.

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