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How can Stout Solutions help?  We work with different customers in different ways.

  • Some customers just need a few reports quickly.
  • Some customers have someone to write reports, but they need a 'jumpstart' and occasional assistance afterwards.
  • Some customers have ongoing reporting needs and they prefer to outsource the expertise, rather than develop it in-house.
  • Most customers are really a combination of these.

Organizations hire Stout Solutions for various reasons.

  • Many VisiCAD customers have not yet developed or hired staff with Access and SQL expertise.
  • Many VisiCAD customers don't have VisiCAD and/or database structure knowledge.
  • Many VisiCAD customers have technically savvy staff that could develop reports and reporting processes, but they simply don't have the time to start 'from scratch.'

Why not hire a local Access developer?

  • Very few professional programmers understand the EMS/ambulance business.
  • Fewer still understand the underlying logic and structure of the VisiCAD databases.
  • You end up spending money and time to teach them your business, AND pay them to learn VisiCAD's changing approach to data storage.

why hire Stout Solutions


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