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TriTech Software Systems and Stout Solutions have teamed up to present comprehensive report development training for VisiCAD users. We have developed a series of three courses consisting of Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced levels.  These courses are each five and a half days long and are intense, hands-on workshops, which have received rave reviews.  To ensure the best possible training, each class is limited in size. Todd Stout presented an overview of these classes at the last two year's VisiCon user's conferences. If you'd like to view the presentation and hand-out materials, check out our main VisiCon link and choose VisiCon 2000 or 2001.

Pricing, early payment discount & other benefits
Each report course has the same pricing: $1,750 per student if registration and payment is received by TriTech or Stout Solutions prior to each course's early registration & payment deadline.  After that, each course increases in price $200 to $1,950.  An additional $100 discount is available for students whose organization is a member of the the TriTech Software Users Group.  These fees include all class materials, an informal dinner on the first night of class, three working lunches (food provided), and gourmet coffee and continental breakfast every day.  Todd will be very available before class, during breaks, after class each day and in an optional (but included) session on Saturday to help with any of your report-related questions, including helping you develop specific reports for your organization.

General Schedule
A detailed agenda for each class will be sent to registered students and posted on this site.  Generally, coffee and continental breakfast will be available in the classroom at
8:00am, and class will begin promptly at 8:15.  There will be two morning breaks and two afternoon breaks each day.  We will have three working lunches (Monday, Wednesday & Friday), and lunch will be on your own Tuesday and Thursday.  Formal class will end each day at 4:15pm, but Todd will be available after class to answer any questions.

Individual Attention & Formal Support after the course
Tuition includes an optional session on Saturday to work with students on any skills they feel need reinforcement, and/or any custom reporting questions not covered in the formal course material.  We've always been willing to help our students after the course on an informal basis, but have found that many students feel more comfortable asking for help, advice and direction after the course, if there is a formal arrangement in place.

Introductory VisiCAD Report Development
Our next Introductory course is scheduled for the week of January 27th through February 1st.  (This class is full at this time.)  This course covers the basics of using Microsoft Access as a client-server reporting tool.  Students will create a simple ad-hoc report utility, including a filter form with combo boxes, queries, reports, and simple macros.  This class focuses on extracting incident, response and transport related data from the VisiCAD database. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to modify and use this reporting tool when they return to their VisiCAD sites.

Intermediate VisiCAD Report Development
For graduates of our Introductory course, we offer an Intermediate class.  This course picks up where the Introductory class ends, as students work enhance the ad-hoc reporting tool. In addition to working with the rostering, out-of-service and activity log tables, students will learn how and when to use local and temporary tables, SQL-specific queries, and forms with multi-select listboxes.  They will also learn to export raw and summary data to Excel for further analysis and/or presentation.  Finally, they will learn to schedule and print reports automatically, without user intervention.

Advanced VisiCAD Report Development
For successful Intermediate class graduates, we plan to offer an Advanced report development course.  This course will also build upon the previous two courses, and use the ad-hoc reporting tool as a foundation.  This course will focus on interacting with other applications (including email and faxing software), developing custom functions in Visual Basic For Applications, and generally using code and macros to enhance the user's experience and make the reporting utility 'bullet-proof.'  More detail about this course will be available at a later date.



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