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ProQA Data Mining Class


Each Navigator Conference since the 2002 Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida, we have been pleased to speak on a variety of topics related to ProQA data, technology and 9-1-1 interaction with Public Health.  A cornerstone of these sessions has been participation in a preconference workshop on custom report development using ProQA data.  These workshop sessions have covered topics ranging from an overview of existing reports to exporting, extracting and using ProQA data to develop custom reports.


Included in the proconference tuition are two Microsoft Access-based utilities, which are demonstrated in class and used for teaching and example purposes.  The first Access-based utility is the Extractor, which is used to process exported ProQA data and load it into Microsoft Access tables, where it can be used to develop custom reports.  The second Access-based utility is called Starter, and is used to work with the extracted data to produce custom reports.

Starter.mdb includes a form, as well as queries, reports and related processes to allow attendees to filter and report on ProQA data in new ways.  More importantly, we believe it will give attendees a solid foundation for developing their own queries and reports using Microsoft Access and their ProQA data.


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